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Best Ebel Replica Watches And Swiss Fake Ebel Watches(22)

Since July 15th 1911, Ebel have been manufacturing and designing time pieces of quality, the slogan architects of time does well to sum up the brand and its roots which trace back to the Villa Turque, designed by the famous Swiss designer Le Corbusier in 1916 in the La Chaux-de-Fonds area of Switzerland. The original Architects of time at Ebel where interestingly a man and lady partnership Eugene Blum and Alice Levy who had been married for nine years. Their names became the acronym Eugene Blum Et Levy. Eugene would focus on the technical side of the business and Alice the design aesthetics. 1912 was the launch of the first Ebel wrist watch, various award and accolades were awarded to Ebel and Charles Eugene Blum joined the company in 1929, in 1930 Ebel was the first manufacturer to introduce the Western Electric precious and control testing for production. 1939 Ebel was the official supplier to the British Army. In 1970 Pierre-Alan Blum (Charles son) joined the company and lead it famously with the launch of the Sport classic line in 1977, 1983 the perpetual calendar watch was launched, 1985 the Beluga range, 1993 the Sportswave was released, 1995 the Automatic Chronometer, 2002 the Beluga Tonneau launch and in 2004 Claudia Schiffer famously became linked with the brand and their advertising campaign, 2005 saw the launch of both the Ebellisimo collection and the 1911 classic, 2006 saw the launch of Gisele as the brand face and the Brasilia line of watches.

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